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Expo.. and my weekend.

Heyy I'm soo bored, no homework, nothing to do here so I am updating..
So i'll tell you about my weekend.. haha fun stuff! 

FRIDAY!- hmmm. i went to school, i was supposed to ride home with Emily, but I had Showchior so I went to that, We learned dances. Then I went home got packed.. and then I went to Emily's. It was funnnn! Thanks so much 4 having me Emily! lol. Back to what we did.. we got online, then it was storming so we couldn't go to the Expo.. =[        But we ended up makin plans with Will and we went to the movies and saw Scary Movie 4!!! (I had sooo much fun Emily&&Will.. =]) Hmm.. then me and Emily went back to her house after being chased by some Goth People..  it was weird. Yeah, so then I slept.. which i went to bed around like.. 1? or 12:30

SATURDAY!- hmm... I got up.. I was still at Emily's House.. We got up around 11:10 I think? You will have to ask Emily about that.. not that you are going too. Hmm.. then we got dressed and talked to Christine on my cellular tellyphone.. we fixed our hair and crap like that so then we went to the Expo... we saw.. Christine, Leigh, Sarah S.. LLAMA PAJAMAS!lol, Kristen, Olivia W, tons of people. It was sooooooo fun!!!! Then the Expo was about closed so Emily left and I went home with Christine and Julia.. so fun when we got home you 2! So then we were getting ready to meet my awesome boyfriend Will at the 5-10 Expo.. =].  We got to the Expo and met Will and Leighh... then Zach M and Dylan M and all of there gay friends attacked Will,Christine, and Me with this Invisible Ink.. then these guys who are SW's friends *cough* graham, will b and 4 6th graders idk*cough* attacked me so I ruined Will and Leigh's night, which I feel soooooooooo bad about you guys I would give anything to change it. Then when we had to go around 9ish Jordan,Julia, me and Christine went back to Christine and Julias house which we made ourselves dinner and then we had to sleep.. but me and christine didn't... I talked to Will who was sick, cause of friggin me.. which I feel soo sorry about Will.. and Christine talked to Johnathon.. her luver.. haha jk. Then we went to bed. 

SUNDAY!-  hmm. got up ate breakfast, I took a shower..(but w/o my music because I was @ Christine's House) and then Christine and I danced around in her room listening to Panic! at the Disco.. who i love.. I also love Will! (if you haven't noticed I love the guy a lot.. your crazy) hmm.. then I got in shorts and my OMIS t-shirt for choir performance @ the Expo. So We finally got dressed got to the Expo, saw Leigh, and Will. Who I hung out with.. I also hung out w. Jake and Avery and all these guys. And choir got canceled because Ms.Jolly was sick (YESS!) but then friggen Mr.Toole took over and I friggen pissed. So I had to sing.. we were horrible by the way. Hmm.. then we rode rides and got dehydrated because we had no money.. hmm.. then I was gunna get on the Bullet w.  Leigh and Will(Haha, they didn't know I wanted too) but I had to leave.... =( 
But then I went to church and then I left came back to my house.
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