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Answer These Please!

Body: Put "yes" or "no"

Kiss me..

Hug me..

Kill me..

Love me..

Hate me..

Hold me..

Lie to me..

Hurt me..

Sing with me..

Dance with me..

Cuddle with me..

Let me make a move on you..

Make a move on me..

Watch a movie with me.

Get me a B-day gift..

Let me borrow your car..

Be there for me..

Buy me a drink..

Bring me around your friends..

Give me a massage..

Take me to the club..

Go to sleep with me..


Get drunk with me..

Be my drinking buddy..

Take advantage of me if I was drunk and passed out..

Take advantage of me..

Hangout with me..

Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good..

Hold hands with me..

Do something incredibly sweet for me..

Let me fill this out for you..

After you mail me your response, repost and see just how far someone would go with you
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